Exosys – SLA Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Exosys stereolithography (SL) 3D printing equipment has been developed and manufactured in an environment of intense regional competition. The Exosys product offering for the international market of today reflects the expertise that has made it a global leader in stereolithography.

Our equipment is robustly constructed for low cost of ownership from the initial purchase onward while producing the highest quality parts. Parts produced on Exosys SL equipment are highly accurate with excellent resolution, surface quality and reliability. A philosophy of open design relative to material usage demonstrates Exosys’s desire to provide customers with the best available product solutions. Explore the fresh dimension in SL 3D printing that Exosys makes available in a full line of commercial and production scale machines.



Exosys LX Pro Series prints with the upmost accuracy and precise detail to make your print 100% accurate.


The built and surface quality is very robust and designed for printing in large scale.


The Exosys LX Pro Series is reliable in terms of its durability as well as its performance.

Product Specifications

Laser system
— Laser : Water cooled solid state frequency tripled. Nd:YVO4
— Wave length : 354.7 nm. Power (nominal) 400mw (60khz).

Optical & scanning system
— Beam size : Nominal 0.1-0.12mm.
— Scanning Speed : 5-10m/s (Typical).
— Reference build weight : 80-130g/h.

Resin VAT
— Volume : 200 Litres 230 kilograms/Volume 500 kilograms (LX800).
— Build envelope capacity : 600mm/800mm (LX800).
— Resin heating method : hot air heating.

Installation condition
— Electrical requirement : 200-240VAC 50-60HZ, Single phase, 10 AMPS.
— Temperature range : 22-26C maximum.
— Relative humidity : Undefined 50% non condensing.

Recoating system
— Recoating method : intelligent locate vacuum absorbed paint-coat.
— Layer thickness : 0.016-0.12mm

Elevator system
— Vertical resolution : 0.001mm.
— Repeat locate accuracy : +-0.01mm.
— Max weight of build part : 60 kg.

— Operating systems : Windows XP/windows 7.
— Operating software : LXSLA.
— Cad connector : 3d design software, stl. file format.

— Weight : 1500 kilograms.
— Machine warranty : 2 years full comprehensive warranty.
— Laser warranty : 15,000 hours or 24 months.